Our Voices event 26 June 2014 flyer-1We’re really excited about next week’s event at CHANGE: Our Voices, Our Choices, Our Freedom.
It’s a chance for people with learning disabilities to come together and say what we want to happen about closing institutions.
People with learning disabilities are sick and tired of not being listened to. We want to be a force for change.
Too many conferences are run by professionals. This one is different because it is run for and by people with learning disabilities. People who don’t have learning disabilities are making all the decisions, and they’re not getting it right. We are the experts on our lives- so ask us!
We want to be involved as equals in decisions about services. We believe that people with learning disabilities should live in the community like everybody else. People need support to move out of institutions, and they can learn from other people with learning disabilities who have been through it and live independently.
We want to see the government taking more action, and we’d like to be involved in this. We’d like people with learning disabilities to be represented in the House of Commons! MP’s should spend more time with people with learning disabilities and get to know about our lives. They might be surprised. Come and see the work that we do at CHANGE, where people are involved and work as equals.
This is what it should be like for all services. Come and ask US how to do it!    Shaun Webster and Joanne Kennedy – a paid member of staff and a Trustee of CHANGE


3 thoughts on “Voices,Choices,Freedom!

  1. It was incredibly inspiring this event I was impressed with how determined we are to close down institutions I have got a disability and are used to live in a care home what that one institution and where I didn’t get respected and now I’ve got depression through it

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